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About XML Sitemap Generator

How you can generate Sitemap in seconds. Here, we will tell you all about the SEO Tools Box Sitemap generator.

This Sitemap generator is an amazing tool to create an XML site map for your site easily. With the help of Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools, this tool will generate a simple way to generate an XML sitemap.

With the help of this tool, no programming expert is required to generate sitemap XML for your site. Through this sitemap tool, you just generate a sitemap in seconds. In a simple way, just copy your site URL and past in the “Enter a domain name” section. Then select from the multiple subsections and finally start your device. The Google sitemap generator will take time a little when it completes you will see different details about sitemap file, XML file, and broken links files. After that, you can enter your URL to google webmaster account. It supports the key for both Google and Bing.

Use of SEO Tools Box XML Sitemap Generator

SEO Tools Box offers you the best Sitemap Generator tool to improve your website accessibility with search engines. Our developers made it so easy in use, just copy your website URL and paste it in the specific place. After that, select the remains parameters then click on the button to generate the sitemap for your website.

After clicking on the HTML sitemap generator button, you will lead to another page where numbers of files will be shown ie broken links, XML file, and sitemap. Then simply download the XML sitemap file generated by sitemap tool and place the file under the root folder of your website. This is an easy and useful tool for beginners and experts as well.

When you paste the file in the root directory of your website then simply connect your sitemap generated by creating a sitemap tool with the webmaster tool.


Features of the SEO Tools Box Sitemap Builder:

  • This tool is a free sitemap generator.
  • The number of pages can choose to be crawled.
  • The modification time can set.
  • Alter Frequency
  • Select priorities.

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