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Now, Create 'robots.txt' file at your root directory. Copy above text and paste into the text file.

About Robots.txt Generator

Do you have difficulty in generating robot file? Don’t worry now you can generate Robots.txt file in your root directory.
Robots.txt is the most important file between the website and the search engine. When a search engine crawls to any website, first they access to the robots.txt file. After reading the whole file then they decide which directories should block and which directories should be allowed. Robots Generator is the file which is the opposite of any sitemap.

Why you use the SEO Tools Box Robots Generator Tool?

This SEO Tools Box Robots Generator tool is very useful and very easy to use. This tool can be easily used for Googlebot.  Thousands of SEO exert using this Robots Generator tool to easily generate a robots.txt file with just in minutes. Robots.txt generator is completely free for generating a quality robots.txt file. The user interface of the robots online tool is very friendly. You can include or exclude anything in the file.

The Use of SEO Tools Box Robots File Generator 

This amazing Robots file generator can generate robots file WordPress, bootstrap, code star, and others. You can easily use this google robot txt generator by the following steps.
I)    As you know that your site allows all files to search engine by default but by using this robot website you can allow or disallow to any access.
II)    By clicking crawl-delay, it tells you how much you want to delay the crawling process. Here in the Robots fill generator you can choose from 5 to 120 seconds the crawling delay process. The tool also chooses by default if you don’t provide any specific time for crawling delay.
III)    If your website has sitemap by default you can copy and paste your text in the text box or you can leave it if you don’t have any sitemap.
IV)    In the user interface, you can see
Search the Robots section. Where you can choose to crawl your file or not.
V)    In the last step, the trailing slash is so important because if you want to restrict any directories that don’t to crawl your website files.
VI)    Finally, when you generate Googlebot friendly robot txt SEO file through our
txt file generator tool and then upload it to the root directory of your site files.

If you want to challenge this wp robot txt tool then most welcome, you can play and will be most welcome to your suggestion to make it an awesome tool.

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