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About Keyword Position Checker

As you know that what we are doing on the internet or write and post on the internet is just for humans. Here we are talking about Data Driven, we mean it, is your data optimized properly, did search engine understand your data, is it human readable, does search engine give ranking to you on the bases of your content?of all these questions is you need proper keywords through which you will get easily ranking. For finding proper keywords you need a Keyword Position Checker tool.


SEO Tools Box Keyword Position Checker

SEO Tools Box offers you Keyword Position Checker that find the position of a website for the keywords in any search engine. Through the position, we know more about the competitor site and our site that how much work we had to do.

In case you are the owner of a website or blog and your niche is Male Shoes. So this tool you can understand where is your position on the SERP and who is your competitors.

This PageRank checker will show you all the things about your keyword and it will be free of cost. Neither the keyword tracker is fast but effective and reliable for any owners of a blog or E-commerce or anything else.


Do You Know what is Keyword Position?

Simple Keyword Position is the ranking position for a keyword of a site in any Search Engine. In keyword Position, you will understand where your site is stand in the ranking for a given keyword. This all are counting between your site and other competitors for a given keyword.

Every owner of a website, blogger or other servicers wants to reach on the first three positions. Because about 90 percent of traffic is going to the first 3 position sites. For knowing this you need to know for a given keyword who is the top competitors for your site. Through this keyword rank tracker, you will understand the positions where you stand.

How to use SEO Tools Box Keyword Ranking Checker Tool?

So using Google rank checker is easy and just copy paste work. There is no need for any technical expert or SEO expert. Below we will tell you how you can use this tool easily.

Point 1) the given page is here right now. I mean 1) to visit this Page (keyword ranking checker tool page.

Point 2) in the search bar just enters your competitor URL or your URL. This is the section where you will find the position of the competitor of yours.

Point 3) In the keyword section just enters the keyword for which you want to check the positions of your site or your competitor site.

Point 4) when you put all the date in the given section then just click on the button find keyword position

Just in few seconds rank tracker keyword tool will tell you about the positions of the given keywords about your site and your competitors, where you are stand.

Once you get the result you will understand how to reach there, where you want to go or rank to the position where your competitors are stand.


You will think about how the best Rank Tracker Tool Work?

This is a keyword tracking tool which scans all the search engine results for any query or phrases when entered by people. This tool tells you about the ranking of any site on the basis of the search engine result.

If the result show 1 its means you are ranking on the top position so this way you will understand ranking your and competitor sites.

For better to improve your ranking follow the following steps:

  1. Publish fresh and quality content on your site.

  2. Generate quality Backlinks

  3. Always do keyword research

  4. Do the SEO audit of your site.


This keyword search tracking tool provides the best keyword position ranking. So use it free of cost and take benefits of its quality and reliability.

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