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About Keyword Density Checker

This keyword does not help solve your error using the density tool, but it identifies your mistakes so you can do the right fixes. This keyword density tool can be unique about whether you can enter URLs or paste an article, to show the number of keyword results, and per phrase (how many words) How many words are there?

In seconds, your results will be shown, and you can start both count and density with frequently used words and phrases. (The keyword density is used as a word or phrase once compared to the total number of words according to this calculation.

Keep in mind that SEO elements (including keyword density) should always be taken a bacus on your webpage or article. Otherwise, SEO's efforts can not be useless because only pages that are interesting, charming, informative or valuable in any way will maintain sustainable presence in search engine results.

However, to use this keyword density tool, it is important to avoid maximum optimization or excessive correction. While there are no guidelines set by Google for keyword density, you have 2 and 3% between your primary keywords (s), and secondary keywords (long term search terms) between 1 and 2% Should be kept.

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