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About Online Ping Website Tool

If you are managing a website, you want to ping your website to search for the engines so that your website connects to all search engines. Or you want to see pingback links on massive scale links to them.

You want your website to be viewed on the Internet, and for this, you need a ping website tool. You can not ping to every server that favors your websites and check if your website looks at them. So for search engine and web servers, you need utility and that this is the best and reliable source to use, and it's free!

To use it, just get a little smaller from your search browser and find the ping website tool. Or copy / paste in your browser's address bar. Once the display enters your website's URL address. Next is the 'Categories' box, its default is set to 'others.' Click on the down arrow and a list of categories will be displayed. You can choose your website type. Now you're ready to start pinging, click on the 'Ping Now' button.

Now just wait and see that utility will start all web servers and search engine related to your site's category. Since thousands of web servers have spread across the world, utility will take a few minutes to complete. This is pinging your web site from different web servers, and if Ping is successful, this result will show the message 'Thank you for the ping' box.

After seeing the test results, you know your site is visible and connected to the Internet.