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If you want to analyze links on your website, use this link tool

Whether you work in the latest penguin update or perform regular link audits, this free link analysis tool will review your analysis and analysis of your links as possible by small SEO tools. Makes it easy

This website link checker tool can only be used to analyze links to a single URL (webpage). Therefore, if you want to audit the link in a deep, you should analyze one of the individual web pages, and not just homepage.

How to use this link analysis tool?
To use this link analysis tool, just enter the URL of the web page that you want to modify and choose if you want to go through external links, internal links, or both. You can also check the box to not know back links.

This link tool will generate results instantly. It will offer a report that includes all internal and outbound links as well as attached anchor text. Any hyperlinks on the page should be the pictures, the alt feature of this image will be displayed as an encrypted text.

How does this link work tool work?
This free website link checker is developed by small SEO tools to help SEO professionals analyze website owners and webmasters and links on the website. This useful tool can identify links at the same time spiders are dropped on a page on your website. You must do that in the URLs of your website, in the text box and then click the "Analyze Links" button. Our system will follow your request and results will be shown in just a few seconds.

This Website Link Checker will show you the following:
The total number of links to your web page.
The number of internal links on the web page.
External links number on web page.
Do not follow and follow on the web page.
This link analysis is a very helpful tool that lets you keep embedded links on your website or blog. This tool helps you analyze internal links and external links that link to your website.

With this website's link checker, you can easily remove the marks and improve the quality of the page. This is useful for your site because it can help a lot with search engine optimization. This will give you a better chance of getting good pagination for your web pages.